Why Appoint Us

Why should you appoint us to handle your next real estate transaction?
It is in your best interests to appoint a licensed Conveyancer to act for you as soon as practicable before you sign or immediately thereafter executing an Offer and Acceptance contract. The Conveyancer or Settlement Agents role is to review and prepare the legal documentation necessary to effect settlement.

Some Conveyancer's maintain a do what you have to attitude to the transactions they handle. Burn Professional Conveyancing regularly receives praise for going above and beyond with their efforts to ensure clients settlement are handled efficiently and smoothly.

The Conveyancer is responsible to conduct enquiries on your behalf with relation to the property you are purchasing. It is important to conduct these enquiries as early as possible in the transaction. We will liaise with relevant parties on your behalf in the transaction and keep you informed. The Conveyancer's overall role is complex and it must be handled by a diligent professional. If you have not appointed an experienced and fully qualified, licensed Conveyancer it is possible your interests are not fully protected.

What are your fees?
Prospective clients often wonder why the fee for a conveyancing service reasonably varies. By legislation settlement fees are based on a sliding scale set down by the state governments Settlement Agents Supervisory Board "SASB".

Settlement fees are allocated based on the sale price of the property and are also dependant on whether you are a seller or buyer, whether the property is strata titled and the cost associated with professional indemnity insurance. The higher the purchase price, the higher the risk to the licensed agent, therefore, the higher the settlement fee. The fees vary for sellers and buyers also because of the level of work required for each party.

Each Conveyancing firm can discount at their own discretion. At the end of the day, it is about achieving value for money. There is no point in paying a highly discounted settlement fee when the conveyancer is not licensed, may be inexperienced, does not keep you informed, is unavailable for questions you may have and cannot assist you with your queries on the spot. Burn Professional Conveyancing fees are reasonable and competitive and we invite you to contact us for a no obligation settlement fee quote.